3 Cost Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

If you are running a small business, you may have a very tight budget for marketing purposes. In such an instance, the best approach to marketing would be through digital media. This is relatively cheaper than conventional marketing platforms and is easier and more efficient when implementing. However, among the different digital marketing strategies, there are a few that are more cost effective and productive than the others.

PPC Advertising
A Google AdWords agency can help you out with this. What basically takes place is that your company will bid on popular AdWords. These words or phrases will be present all over the internet as a part of various different types of content. Once a user clicks on it, if your company has a bid on the particular word, the link will redirect the user to your company website. This is one of the most subtle ways of generating website traffic. Since the user will not be intentionally visiting your website, he or she will be met with the element of surprise. This may generate curiosity in them and get them to spend at least a few seconds on your website. The most interesting fact about this strategy is how the payment works. In PPC Advertising, you will only be paying the Google adwords services that you are working with according to the number of clicks that bring clients to your website. Therefore, you will only be investing on something that is sure to give you a positive outcome.

Share campaigns
This is a very useful strategy when using social media sites such as Facebook for your remarketing solutions. The digital form of word of mouth marketing is sharing. When one person sees something they like and share it with their friends and colleagues on the internet, they give you the opportunity to get through to a wider customer base. The trick here is to create content that users find worthy of sharing. It is also possible to use friends of your company to be advocates of your brand. These individuals could initiate the sharing process. If your content is good enough, there will be no stopping once the sharing starts and you won’t even have to pay for it.

Quick bursts
It is very rare that people take the time to thoroughly read content that they see on the internet. They’d spend less than 10 seconds on a single article or advertisement and try to absorb its message by looking at a few words and pictures; basically, by skimming through it. Therefore, a campaign that is focused on designing marketing content that succeeds to talk to people within a matter of seconds will be very cost effective for you. You will have to use less advertising space because your content is small and you can also use this as an opportunity to increase the frequency of your ads.